“Toronto to Gatineau thru The Highlands” is a safe, twisty, easy motorcycle ride through Ontario and Quebec, Canada.
Marco Morissette
Marco Morissette
September 8, 2018
ride visits North York, Toronto, East York, Scarborough, Markham, Oshawa and 9 other places.
Excellent surface
  • North York

    at 0km
  • Toronto, Ontario

    at 2km
  • East York

    at 12km
  • Scarborough

    at 21km
  • Markham

    at 37km
  • Oshawa

    at 60km
  • Omemee

    at 125km
  • Bancroft

    at 242km
  • Bancroft

    at 242km
  • Renfrew

    at 372km
  • Scoops Ice Cream

    at 418km
  • A liittle treat to have pass thru the Highland and get the Highlands souvenir a Train Spike!

  • Quyon Ferry

    at 448km
  • Nice way to go between Ontario & Quebec

  • Entering Quebec

  • Aylmer

    at 488km
  • le Plateau

    at 492km
  • Entering Ontario

  • Nepean

    at 496km
  • Ottawa

    at 498km
  • Entering Quebec

  • Gatineau

    at 502km
  • Motel Les PIgnons Vert

    at 531km
  • Ou last stop before heading back home to Sherbrooke, Quebec.

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