“The Epic Ride Orangeville to Georgian Bay” is an offroad, scenic, twisty motorcycle ride in Ontario, Canada.
September 1, 2012
ride visits Owen Sound, Wiarton, Chatsworth, Shelburne, Orangeville.
Low traffic
Good visibility
Good surface
  • Orangeville

  • at the MacDonalds heading out of town.

  • beginning of Hockley Valley

    at 5km
  • nice twisting roads through the valley

  • edge of Mono Cliffs prov. park

    at 25km
  • continue on this road out to highway 10 north if you are afraid of a little gravel riding

  • top of park

    at 28km
  • tight pack gravel but some very nice sights

  • highway 89

    at 34km
  • solid pavement again

  • Mansfield

    at 45km
  • Now we head west keep a lookout for windmills

  • Maxwell

    at 89km
  • store on the south east corner with a heavy war theme, and some sweet amethyst geodes

  • Eugenia Falls

    at 103km
  • nice burger join on the right side of the road, ladies look for the jewelery in the shop.

  • Meaford

    at 131km
  • drop by the beach for a swim

  • look at the boats in the marina

    at 147km
  • Owen sound

    at 174km
  • get gas for sure!

  • leaving Owen Sound

    at 179km
  • now for a beautiful ride along the Bay

  • Time to turn down to the water

    at 193km
  • look through nice properties as you see great views of the Bayyy

  • Big Bay

    at 208km
  • go down to the water and there are 1000's of skipping stones --ice cream shop on the left just as you get to the dock road

  • Wiarton

    at 225km
  • Wiarton

    at 228km
  • grab a Timmies

  • split to the east

    at 270km
  • little donut shop right at the bend

  • Shelburne

    at 344km
  • Orangeville

    at 367km
  • MacDonalds

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