“Scenic Route - St Catherine's / Niagara Falls / Hamilton” is a motorcycle ride through Ontario, Canada and New York, United States.
Aneil N
Aneil N
April 3, 2021
ride visits Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton, St. Catharines, Burlington, Grimsby and 8 other places.
  • Mississauga

    at 0km
  • left on lower base

    at 6km
  • left on 4th line

    at 7km
  • right on lower base

    at 8km
  • Left on HWY 25

    at 11km
  • Oakville

    at 22km
  • Right on lakeshore

    at 22km
  • left on lakeshore

    at 34km
  • left on eastport

    at 36km
  • Hamilton

    at 38km
  • lwfr on beach road

    at 41km
  • right on van wagners beach rd

    at 41km
  • left on south service road

    at 44km
  • Grimsby

    at 61km
  • left on ontario street

    at 85km
  • right / straight onto lakeshore rd

    at 87km
  • left on welland canals pkwy

    at 91km
  • stop point / lookout

    at 94km
  • left back onto lakeshore

    at 97km
  • left on shakespear ave

    at 109km
  • left on niagara rad

    at 110km
  • left on queen st

    at 111km
  • left on wellington st

    at 112km
  • right on ricardo st

    at 113km
  • left on niagara pkwy

    at 114km
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake

    at 117km
  • Entering New York, United States

  • Youngstown

    at 118km
  • Lewiston

    at 128km
  • Entering Ontario, Canada

  • Niagara Falls

    at 137km
  • left upper rapids

    at 140km
  • Entering New York, United States

  • Niagara Falls

    at 145km
  • right on portage

    at 154km
  • left on STANLEY

    at 167km
  • right on lyons creek

    at 169km
  • Take QEW - toronto

    at 171km
  • Entering Ontario, Canada

  • St. Catharines

    at 193km
  • wexit on henley

    at 195km
  • right on ontario st

    at 197km
  • right on st paul

    at 200km
  • Lincoln

    at 222km
  • left on thirty road

    at 222km
  • right on ridge road

    at 225km
  • left on right and right on right after

    at 229km
  • left on upper centennial pkwy

    at 248km
  • right on binbrook rd

    at 253km
  • right on fiddlers green

    at 268km
  • right on jerseyville rd

    at 278km
  • left on lovers lane

    at 281km
  • right on governers rd

    at 284km
  • left on creighton rd

    at 285km
  • left on king

    at 288km
  • Dundas

    at 290km
  • right on harvest rd

    at 291km
  • right on hwy 5

    at 296km
  • left on cedar springs

    at 305km
  • Burlington

    at 308km
  • right on brittania

    at 312km
  • right on 25 - then cliche corner

    at 323km
  • left here - cliche corner

    at 324km
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