“Rattlesnake Poimt/Sulpher Springs” is a scenic, twisty, safe motorcycle ride in Ontario, Canada.
March 27, 2010
ride visits Toronto, North York, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga and 4 other places.
On Road
Good surface
  • Toronto

  • From Toronto, head west on Lake Shore Blvd to Royal Windsor Dr

  • North York

  • Mississauga

    at 9km
  • Road name changes to Royal Windsor Dr, keep straight onto Hw...

    at 14km
  • Road name changes to Royal Windsor Dr, keep straight onto Hwy 403

  • Take ramp ahead to Hwy 403

    at 19km
  • Oakville

    at 22km
  • Exit right on Bronte Rd to Derry Rd

    at 28km
  • Turn right on Bronte Rd

    at 28km
  • Turn left on Derry Rd to Tremaine Rd

    at 43km
  • Milton

    at 43km
  • Turn right on Tremaine Rd to Sideroad 14

    at 46km
  • Milton

    at 48km
  • Turn left on Sideroad 14 to Appleby Line

  • Turn left on Appleby Line to Derry Rd

    at 50km
  • Where Mom fell on her scooter.

    at 52km
  • Turn right on Derry Rd to McNiven Rd

    at 52km
  • Turn left on McNiven Rd to Kilbride St

    at 58km
  • Turn left on Kilbride St to Cedar Springs Rd

    at 59km
  • Killbride

    at 59km
  • Turn right on Cedar Springs Rd to Colling Rd

  • Turn left on Colling Rd to Guelph Line

    at 63km
  • Turn left on Guelph Line to Britannia Rd

    at 66km
  • Turn right on Britannia Rd to Walkers Line

    at 68km
  • Turn right on Walkers Line to Sideroad 2

    at 70km
  • Turn left on Sideroad 2 to Appleby Line

    at 73km
  • Turn left on Appleby Line to Sideroad 4

    at 75km
  • Turn left on Sideroad 4 to Walkers Line

    at 78km
  • Turn left on Walkers Line to Dundas St

    at 80km
  • Turn right on Dundas St to Main St S

    at 85km
  • Burlington

    at 87km
  • Turn left on Main St S to Snake Rd

    at 94km
  • Turn left on Snake Rd to Hillsdale Ave

    at 95km
  • Continue straight on Hillsdale Ave to Plains Rd W

    at 99km
  • Turn right on Plains Rd W to York rd

    at 99km
  • Turn left on York Rd to Valley Rd

    at 100km
  • Turn right on Valley Rd to Rock Chapel Rd

    at 103km
  • Turn left on Rock Chapel Rd to Sydeham Rd

    at 104km
  • Look-out area

    at 105km
  • Turn left on Sydenham Rd to King St W

    at 106km
  • Dundas

    at 108km
  • Turn right on King St W to Market St S

  • Dundas

    at 110km
  • Turn left on Market St S (Market St turns into Creighton Rd) to Governors Rd

  • Turn right on Governors Rd to Binkley Rd

    at 111km
  • Turn left on Binkley Rd to Mineral Springs Rd

    at 116km
  • Turn left on Mineral Springs Rd to Sulphur Springs Rd

    at 117km
  • Keep straight on Sulphur Springs Rd to Ontario King's Hwy

    at 119km
  • Ahead in Lovers Ln, turn left on Sulphur Springs road

    at 120km
  • Ancaster

    at 121km
  • Turn left on Wilson St E Hwy to Rousseaux St

    at 122km
  • Turn right on Rousseaux St to Mohawk Rd

    at 122km
  • Road name changes to Mohawk, continue on Mohawk to QEW

    at 122km
  • Take ramp right on the QEW

    at 124km
  • From the QEW exit at Main St W

    at 125km
  • Hamiton

    at 129km
  • Take ramp right on Main St W to Dundum St S

    at 131km
  • Turn left on Dundum St S to York Blvd

    at 131km
  • Turn left on York Blvd to Plains Rd W

    at 132km
  • Hamilton

    at 133km
  • Turn right and continue on Plains Rd W to King Rd

    at 135km
  • Turn right on Kings Rd to North Shore Blvd E

    at 141km
  • Turn left on North Shore Blvd E to Lakeshore Rd

    at 143km
  • Continue on Lakeshore Rd to Southdown Rd

    at 144km
  • Burlington

    at 150km
  • Stop here and enjoy the view of Lake Ontario

  • Turn left on continue on Southdown Rd to Lakeshore Rd W

    at 170km
  • Turn right on Lakeshore Rd W to Lake Shore Blvd W

    at 172km
  • Mississauga

    at 175km
  • Port Credit

    at 178km
  • Continue on Lake Shore Blvd W to Home

    at 183km
  • Etobicoke

    at 183km
  • Home!

    at 186km
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