“Pemberton/Hurley/Gold Bridge/Seton Portage/D'Arcy/Pemberton/Lan” is a motorcycle ride in British Columbia, Canada.
Phil E
Phil E
July 6, 2020

60km off road Pemberton Meadows to Gold Bridge on the Hurley Pass. 30km off road Terzaghi Dam to D'Arcy on the Highline Trail

ride visits Coquitlam, Anmore, Burnaby, Vancouver, Delta, Surrey and 7 other places.
  • Start

  • Coquitlam

    at 16km
  • Anmore

    at 23km
  • Burnaby

    at 29km
  • Brackendale

    at 109km
  • Whistler

    at 155km
  • Whistler

    at 156km
  • Pemberton

    at 186km
  • Lillooet FSR

    at 217km
  • Off road from here to Gold Bridge

  • Gold Bridge

    at 275km
  • Terzaghi Dam

    at 330km
  • Off road from Terzaghi Dam to D'Arcye along the High line Trail

  • Seton Portage

    at 354km
  • A short section of paved Asphalt

  • Pemberton

    at 426km
  • Fuel & Re Fuel at Loop end

  • Squamish

    at 517km
  • Lions Bay

    at 546km
  • Vancouver

    at 570km
  • North Vancouver

    at 575km
  • Delta

    at 598km
  • Surrey

    at 607km
  • Finish

    at 619km
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