“Ottawa Valley Day Trip #2” is a scenic, twisty, easy motorcycle ride in Ontario, Canada.
April 11, 2013
ride visits Bancroft, Bancroft, Killaloe, Pembroke.
On Road
  • Pembroke

  • Start at Irving Big Stop (possibly for breakfast)

  • Turn left onto Micksburg Road

    at 12km
  • Turn right onto Cobden Road

    at 29km
  • Eganville

    at 46km
  • Turn left onto Hwy 41/Bridge Street

  • Turn right onto Foymount Road/ Cty Rd 512

    at 47km
  • Donegal

    at 52km
  • Lake Clear

    at 61km
  • Cormac

    at 67km
  • Foymount

    at 70km
  • Highest land elevation in Ontario is in Foymount

  • Turn left onto Quadeville Road/Cty Rd 515

    at 71km
  • Quadeville

    at 88km
  • Turn left onto Palmer Rd

    at 88km
  • Turn left onto Schutt Rd/Cty Rd 514

    at 99km
  • Cty Rd 514 turn into Hwy 28

    at 111km
  • Bancroft

    at 152km
  • Stop in at The Granite for lunch

  • Gas up at Esso

    at 154km
  • Maynooth

    at 176km
  • Turn left onto Cty Rd 127 to head toward Hwy 60 or continue on Hwy 62 towards Combermere

  • Turn left onto Centreview Road

    at 200km
  • Turn right onto Siberia Road

    at 204km
  • Siberia

    at 224km
  • Barry's Bay

    at 227km
  • Stop to admire the monument to Janusz Zurakowski, AVRO's chief test pilot for the CF-105

  • Wilno

    at 237km
  • Shrine Hill: Canada's first Polish settlement

    at 240km
  • Killaloe

    at 242km
  • Turn left onto Simpson Pit Road

    at 243km
  • Round Lake Centre

    at 254km
  • Turn right onto Round Lake Road

  • Turn right onto Hwy 17 E

    at 297km
  • Pembroke

    at 302km
  • Turn left onto Hwy 41/Paul Martin Dr.

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