“Mountain Loop Hwy, Late spring summer only” is a twisty, scenic motorcycle ride through British Columbia, Canada and Washington, United States.
Phil E
Phil E
June 1, 2019
ride visits Surrey, Abbotsford, Blaine, Ferndale, Geneva, Sudden Valley and 9 other places.
On Road
Good surface
  • Surrey

    at 0km
  • Entering Washington, United States

  • Big Al's Diner

    at 1km
  • Shell Fuel if needed

    at 3km
  • Ferndale

    at 22km
  • Mt Baker Motorcycle Club. Formally known as Hannigan speedway

    at 38km
  • Lakeway Dr to Lake Whatcom

    at 44km
  • Geneva

    at 47km
  • Sudden Valley

    at 52km
  • 5b's Bakery, good food too !!

    at 133km
  • Burpee Hill

    at 136km
  • Baker Lake Road

    at 146km
  • Great Burgers and Shell Fuel

    at 209km
  • 20 Km section near here of this Hwy is unpaved

    at 243km
  • Granite Falls

    at 296km
  • Arlington Heights

    at 312km
  • Arlington

    at 318km
  • Bryant

    at 322km
  • Walker Valley ORV

    at 338km
  • Big Lake

    at 348km
  • Sedro-Woolley

    at 360km
  • Mosquito Lake Road

    at 388km
  • To ride 16 Km Loop half is gravel turn up here, use offroad map to join up to North fork road joining Mosquito lake road again.

    at 405km
  • Optional Loop with offroad section 16k long. Start Canyon Lake Rd and joins N Fork Rd then back to Mosquito Rd one Km north. Use seperate offroad map

    at 408km
  • Peaceful Valley

    at 419km
  • Entering British Columbia, Canada

  • Abbotsford

    at 437km
  • Entering Washington, United States

  • Lynden

    at 453km
  • End and Fuel

    at 455km
  • End and Shell Fuel if needed

    at 478km
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