“HACS 2018” is a safe, easy, scenic motorcycle ride in Ontario, Canada.

ride visits St. Catharines, Grimsby, Lincoln, Thorold, Pelham, Welland.
Good visibility
Low traffic
Good surface
  • Tons of Bike Gear Turn Right on Highway 20

  • Turn right on Silverdale Road

    at 2km
  • Turn Left on Sixteen Road

    at 6km
  • Turn Right on Highway 20

    at 10km
  • Turn right on Regional Road 14

    at 15km
  • Go Straight onto Thirty Road

    at 19km
  • Turn Right on Kemp Road East

    at 19km
  • Grimsby

    at 20km
  • Go Straight onto Mountainview Road

    at 22km
  • Lincoln

    at 24km
  • Turn Right on Mountainview Access Road

    at 24km
  • Turn right onto South Service road

    at 27km
  • Turn Left on Ontario Street, Beamsville

    at 29km
  • Turn Right onto North Service Road

    at 29km
  • Exit Tims - Turn Left onto North Service Rd

    at 36km
  • Turn Right onto Jordan Road

    at 39km
  • Turn Left on King Street (Hwy 8)

    at 42km
  • Turn Right on Fifth Street Louth

    at 49km
  • Turn Left on 8th Avenue

    at 50km
  • Turn Right on First Street Louth

    at 53km
  • St. Catharines

    at 53km
  • Continue onto Decew Road going Straight

    at 53km
  • Turn Right onto Merrittville Highway

    at 56km
  • Turn Left into Tim Horton's - Turner's Cnrs

    at 60km
  • From Hwy 20 turn Left onto Kottmeier Rd

    at 63km
  • Turn Right on Beaverdams Road

    at 64km
  • Turn Left on Collier Road

    at 67km
  • At ramp veer Right onto Hwy 58

    at 68km
  • Thorold

    at 70km
  • Turn Right on Thorold Townline Road

    at 72km
  • Turn Right on Chippawa Creek Road

    at 77km
  • Turn Left on Moyer Road

    at 81km
  • Turn Right on East Main Street - Welland Tunnel

    at 81km
  • Turn Right into Tim Horton's at Wellington

    at 89km
  • Atlas St. North to a R/L at Brown St.

    at 90km
  • Turn Left onto Woodlawn

    at 94km
  • Pelham

    at 94km
  • Turn Left on South Pelham

    at 95km
  • Welland

    at 98km
  • Turn left on Webber Road - to Lincoln St.

    at 100km
  • Turn Right onto Riverside Drive

    at 110km
  • Follow Riverside through Wellandport to 4-way stop in Bismar...

    at 117km
  • Follow Riverside through Wellandport to 4-way stop in Bismark

  • Turn Left on Silver Street

    at 121km
  • Turn Left on Port Davidson Road

    at 121km
  • Turn Right on Canborough Road

    at 121km
  • Turn Right on Smithville Road

    at 121km
  • Turn Right on Silver Street

    at 121km
  • Turn Left into Tons of Bike Gear

    at 121km
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