“Dales Favorite Part 1” is a scenic, easy motorcycle ride through Manitoba and Ontario, Canada.
March 9, 2011
ride visits Winnipeg, Selkirk, Beausejour, Kenora.
Good surface
  • North/East Winnipeg

  • Start at the Robins Donuts at the northwest corner of Lagimodiere/Grassie. After a quick meet/greet and a coffee, head north on Lagimodiere Blvd (Hwy 59)

  • Selkirk

    at 22km
  • Kirkness

    at 22km
  • Just north of Birds Hill Provincial Park, turn right to head east on Hwy 44, to Beausejour

  • Beausejour

    at 54km
  • A pretty little town. Keep heading east on Hwy 44 - watch for the signs.

  • Rennie

    at 136km
  • As you enter Rennie, watch for the corner store/gas bar. A lovely little location with a Goose/Duck Sanctury immediately east - can't miss it on your right. Don't forget to fuel up. This next leg through Whiteshell Provincial Park is a beautiful/twisty/up/down ride.

  • Entering Ontario

  • Kenora

    at 227km
  • End. Head down Water St to Bernier Dr and relax on the Waterfront. Nice Restaurant/bar. Take a Cruise on the SS Kenora around the Lake of the Woods.

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