“Cousin's Run” is a scenic motorcycle ride in Ontario, Canada.
Kevin Culp
Kevin Culp
July 8, 2024
ride visits Shelburne, Orangeville.
Low traffic
On Road
  • Start at Montana's BBQ & Bar, Alliston

  • North onto 13 toward Everett

    at 3km
  • West onto Main St. in Everett

    at 9km
  • North onto 2nd Line E

    at 23km
  • Approaching Terra Nova

    at 30km
  • Horning's Mills

    at 42km
  • Shelburne

    at 46km
  • Approaching Primrose

    at 54km
  • South onto Airport Road

    at 63km
  • West onto Dufferin 8 (Mono Centre)

    at 65km
  • South onto Hwy 10

    at 83km
  • East into Hockley Valley

    at 84km
  • Orangeville

    at 94km
  • North onto 50 at Loretto

    at 109km
  • East returning to Alliston

    at 111km
  • Montana's BBQ & Bar to finish

    at 121km
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