“Cache Creek to Kamloops Backroads” is a twisty, scenic motorcycle ride in British Columbia, Canada.
Lyle Killough
Lyle Killough
September 4, 2020

Scenic and fun back road route from Cache Creek to Kamloops. Would be good in either direction, but W to E probably has the best views. Plenty of opportunities to do side trips (check out the entire Deadman Valley,) and easy loops, with a return to your start either on gravel or pavement. Don't be discouraged by the No Trespassing signs in a few places. This is a public road, just don't go off-road and explore in these areas; there's plenty of other opportunities.

ride visits Cache Creek.
Low traffic
On Road
  • Cache Creek

    at 0km
  • Deadman Valley

    at 29km
  • Red Lake

    at 84km
  • Watching Creek Recreation Site

    at 110km
  • Kamloops Lake view

    at 117km
  • Kamloops Airport

    at 128km
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