“Bradford to Collingwood round trip” is a scenic, twisty, safe motorcycle ride in Ontario, Canada.
October 28, 2011
ride visits Barrie, Borden, Collingwood, Shelburne, Innisfil.
On Road
Good surface
  • Braford, ON

  • Tim Horton's, meet location, bathrooms available

  • Borden

    at 48km
  • Lisle ON

    at 61km
  • Available here: fuel and convenience store

  • Glencairn ON

    at 67km
  • Available: fuel & convenience store

  • Cashtown ON

    at 76km
  • Fuel if required & bathrooms

  • Garden of Eden road

    at 87km
  • NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART - this is a 'summer only' road and not maintained in the winter, single lane NOT PAVED, lots of mud and VERY steep hills, if you want to try I suggest coming in from the other direction as it will be mostly downhill

  • Badjeros ON

    at 96km
  • Available here: small country convenience store with ice cream

  • Rob Roy Provincial Park

    at 110km
  • Pretty river road running along the side of the Niagara escarpment, lots of hikers and moutain bike riders on the week-ends, fair pavement

  • Ravenna ON

    at 143km
  • Available here: fuel and convenience store

  • Blue Mountain Lookout

    at 151km
  • Great spot to check out the view from the top of Blue mountain overlooking Georgian Bay & Collingwood

  • Collingwood

    at 166km
  • Available here: fuel (Cdn Tire) and Montana's restaurant

  • Devils Glen Provincial Park

    at 179km
  • Shelburne

    at 202km
  • Mansfield ON

    at 222km
  • Available here: fuel, convenience store, coffee, snacks and 2 restaurants

  • Everett ON

    at 230km
  • Available here: sandwich shop with ice cream during summer months, fuel and convenience store

  • Barrie

    at 258km
  • Innisfil

    at 258km
  • Braford, ON

    at 279km
  • Tim Horton's

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