“Big West Coast ” is a twisty, scenic, offroad motorcycle ride in British Columbia, Canada.
Lyle Killough
Lyle Killough
July 13, 2020

A long and very scenic ride with about 200 km of gravel. The off-highway section between Port Renfrew and Nitnat is remote, complicated, and there are few signs. There are lots of logging trucks in the woods and they are not expecting you. Beware.

ride visits Victoria, Sooke, Port Renfrew, Bamfield, Port Alberni, Parksville and 3 other places.
  • Saanich start

  • Victoria

    at 1km
  • Sooke outskirts

    at 38km
  • Canadian cell coverage ends around here. Beware, your phone may roam into US coverage along this coastline!

  • Port Renfrew

    at 106km
  • last gas

  • Botanical Beach Parking lot

    at 112km
  • It's a short hike to the amazing Botanical Beach. Visit at low tide.

  • Port Renfrew

    at 114km
  • Avatar Grove

    at 127km
  • Short hikes on either side of the road through really big West Coast trees

  • Gordon River Canyon

    at 132km
  • Good view of the deep Gordon River canyon from this bridge

  • Bugaboo Main Connector start

    at 133km
  • Start of the technical crux of the ride. The connector is a bit steep and a bit rough, fairly bushed in (July 2020) and the most heavily used bear latrine I've ever seen. Didn't see any bears though.

  • Bugaboo Main

    at 133km
  • End of the rougher section.

  • Walbran / Bugaboo intersection

    at 143km
  • Lots of logging trucks hauling on Walbran in July 2020

  • Walbran / McLure Main intersection

    at 147km
  • Stay on Walbran.

  • Haddon / Walbran Main intersection

    at 158km
  • Carmanah / Haddon Main intersection

    at 161km
  • Active logging

    at 166km
  • July 2020 midweek, somewhere around here there was active logging both sides of the mainline, posted road closed until 4PM. I crossed about 2:30, loggers were all gone and machines shut down. Do not enter without permission when they are working or you could die.

  • Nitnat Lake turnoff

    at 176km
  • July 2020 - village closed due to pandemic. No services available. No entry.

  • Nitnat River

    at 181km
  • There is damaged, potholed pavement mixed with gravel through to the Bamfield Main

  • Mainline Carmanah / Bamfield Main intersection

    at 202km
  • Back to gravel mainline. Lots of industrial and private traffic on the Bamfield road.

  • Pachena Beach and West Coast Trail start

    at 244km
  • Probably really beautiful, but closed for the pandemic.

  • Bamfield

    at 252km
  • You might be able to get gas at the gas bar here, but I couldn't July 2020.

  • Port Alberni

    at 340km
  • Parksville

    at 391km
  • Ladysmith

    at 449km
  • Duncan

    at 473km
  • Langford

    at 517km
  • Saanich

    at 529km
  • Back to the start, end of the ride.

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