“Banff, Invermere, Cranbrook, Frank Slide, Longview, Calgary” is a motorcycle ride through Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.
June 14, 2022

Lots of gas stops, no stretches over 150km, options for expansion to Kimberley/ St. Eugene/ Wasa

ride visits Calgary, Kananaskis, Canmore, Banff, Invermere, Cranbrook and 4 other places.
  • Tim Hortons

  • Start

  • Calgary

    at 16km
  • Kananaskis

    at 100km
  • Esso Gas stop 118km from start

    at 118km
  • Canmore

    at 129km
  • Banff

    at 158km
  • Gas station

    at 277km
  • 136km since Banff
    159km since Canmore

  • Entering British Columbia

  • Invermere

    at 318km
  • Canal Flats

    at 346km
  • Gas station
    51km since Invermere

  • Cranbrook

    at 440km
  • 81km since Canal Flats

  • Fernie

    at 536km
  • 95km since Cranbrook

  • Sparwood

    at 564km
  • Frank Slide

    at 595km
  • 72km since Fernie

  • Entering Alberta

  • Lundbreck

    at 635km
  • Longview

    at 724km
  • 128km since Frank Slide

  • Black Diamond

    at 738km
  • Calgary

    at 788km
  • 65km since Longview

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