“Walhalla via Jamieson” is a motorcycle ride in Victoria, Australia.
March 7, 2016
ride visits Healesville, Buxton, Eildon, Walhalla, Knotts Siding.
  • Mitcham

  • A 324 kms back-road adventure route for a 50 year old scooter with 8" wheels from Melbourne to Walhalla via Jamieson. 60 kms of riding through the remote forests of Lake Eildon National Park. 116 kms of rough dirt roads from Kevington through Woods Point to Walhalla with an interesting descent from Matlock to Aberfeldy. Fuel available at Healesville, Buxton, Eildon, Jamieson and Rawson (91 only). Did this on a 1958 Vespa in 1963. Can I do it again? Let's see...

  • Warranwood

    at 8km
  • Yarra Glen

    at 31km
  • Healesville

    at 46km
  • Narbethong

    at 67km
  • Buxton

    at 85km
  • Fuel here

  • Taggerty

    at 95km
  • Thornton

    at 109km
  • Eildon

    at 121km
  • Fuel here

  • Jamieson

    at 180km
  • Kevington

    at 190km
  • Knockwood

    at 209km
  • Gaffneys Creek

    at 216km
  • A1 Mine Settlement

    at 221km
  • Woods Point

    at 234km
  • Matlock

    at 240km
  • Aberfeldy

    at 270km
  • Aberfeldy Bridge

    at 294km
  • Walhalla

    at 312km
  • Thomson

    at 316km
  • Knotts Siding

    at 322km
  • Rawson

    at 324km
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