“Taos to Newkirk” is a scenic, twisty motorcycle ride in New Mexico, United States.
January 8, 2008
ride visits Ranchos de Taos, Talpa, Rio Pueblo, Holman, Cleveland, Mora and 2 other places.
On Road
Low traffic
Good surface
  • Taos

    at 0km
  • This is a beautiful route starting in the mountains and ending at I-40. After Las Vegas, I had the road all to my self.

  • Talpa

    at 2km
  • Rio Pueblo

    at 24km
  • 75 into Santa Cruz is beautiful as well

    at 25km
  • Sipapu

    at 32km
  • Small ski and summer resort.

  • Holman

    at 60km
  • Cleveland

    at 65km
  • Mora

    at 69km
  • In July 2007 I was on this road and it rained almost constantly from Taos to just before Mora where they were having a street festival. There was no sign that it had rained there at all and the sky was beautiful. Less than two miles on the other side of town I ran into rain again and it didn't stop until I got to Las Vegas. I swear to God it was the only sunny spot on the road. They must be living right.

  • Las Vegas

    at 114km
  • If you need gas, get it here. The next gas station is at least 90 miles. Also, almost no traffic.

  • This is a cool stretch of road coming out of the mountains

    at 175km
  • I was so low on gas, I had to head for the Interstate from h...

    at 230km
  • I was so low on gas, I had to head for the Interstate from here but you could continue to Tucumcari

  • Newkirk

    at 258km
  • Finally a gas station. A Phillips 66 on the corner of 129 and old Route 66. Crusing along Route 66 by yourself while the highway buzzes at 80mph felt like I was in a different time.

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