“Sherbrooke - Disraeli - Lake Aylmer - Sherbrooke” is a safe, scenic, easy motorcycle ride in Quebec, Canada.
Marco Morissette
Marco Morissette
July 26, 2018
ride visits Sherbrooke, Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine, East Angus, Cookshire-Eaton.
Good visibility
Low traffic
On Road
  • Sherbrooke

    at 0km
  • Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine

    at 96km
  • Sherbrooke - Disraeli by the road #216

    at 109km
  • Starting from Sherbrooke to Stoke passing close by the Lake Stoke and following the road# 216 thru St-Camille, Wotton, St-Adrien to Disraeli. Do the small Lake Aylmer detour by the road #161 to return to St-Gerard(Weedon) where you need to stop at the Fromagerie P'tit Plaisir to eat their good fresh cheese or a nice poutine and returning by the road #112 thru Weedon and East Angus.
    The #216 is not so busy so you will enjoy a nice smooth ride and the view when arriving on the top of teh hill to Disraeli to see the Lake Aylmer make the ride very nice with good scenery. The #112 is more busy but still offer very nice scenery. Not long ride but very appreciated.

  • East Angus

    at 158km
  • Cookshire-Eaton

    at 160km
  • Sherbrooke - Disraeli - Sherbrooke

    at 177km
  • Nice ride from Sherbrooke direction Stoke passing near the Lake and following the rte #216 thru St-Camille, Wotton, St-Adrien and direction Disraeli with a nice view on Lake Aylmer. Returning to Sherbrooke with a small stop at the Fromagerie P'tit Plaisir of St-Gerard (Weedon)

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