“Run for the hills” is a motorcycle ride in Victoria, Australia.
Rommel Daroya (Jagets)
Rommel Daroya (Jagets)
September 14, 2022

A 300km run from the west to Healesville as the central point. Covering some of the iconic runs in Victoria

ride visits Melbourne, Saint Andrews North, Kinglake, Marysville, Healesville, Lower Plenty.
  • Saint Andrews North

    at 54km
  • Kinglake

    at 61km
  • Marysville

    at 126km
  • Healesville

    at 222km
  • Healesville

    at 256km
  • Lower Plenty

    at 271km
  • Balwyn North

    at 274km
  • Melbourne

    at 287km
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