“Red Coat Trail & Northern Badlands” is a scenic, easy, safe motorcycle ride through Montana, North Dakota, United States and Saskatchewan, Canada.
April 22, 2014
ride visits Scobey, Flaxville, Plentywood, Antelope, Reserve, Grenora and 4 other places.
On Road
Low traffic
Poor surface
Good surface
  • Estevan

    at 1km
  • Ounger

    at 61km
  • Stop at the Regional Park for lunch or go to the CanAm for a nice meal

  • Lake Alma

    at 93km
  • Have a drink at the local bar, good BBQ if still on the menu

  • Gladmar

    at 114km
  • Have a picnic at the Gladmar camp ground. Enjoy the Hamlet of 30 persons.

  • Gravel Road

    at 116km
  • Minton

    at 124km
  • Another great bar

  • Big Beaver

    at 187km
  • Enjoy the Big Muddy

  • Coronach/Scobey Boarder

    at 214km
  • Bring your passport

  • Scobey, MT

    at 242km
  • Flaxville, MT

    at 263km
  • Redstone, MT

    at 274km
  • Plentywood, MT

    at 304km
  • Stay the night if you want to. Bring your cowboy boots and do some dancing at the Blue Moon. You can even hit up a few strip bars on main street. The drive inn is still in operation, take in a late night movie.

  • Plentywood

    at 314km
  • Antelope

    at 327km
  • Step in and check out the oldest bar. Shipped in on the Mississippi and brought by horse and carriage to this little town.

  • Reserve

    at 334km
  • Brush Lake

    at 356km
  • Bring you swim trunks, or not, and take a dip. If the lake is nice, you will have a cool swim.

  • Entering North Dakota

  • Grenora

    at 380km
  • Play some pool downtown, nice little bar

  • Hanks

    at 391km
  • Crosby, ND

    at 456km
  • Crosby

    at 461km
  • Stop by the lake and rest.

  • Noonan

    at 485km
  • Canada/USA Boarder

    at 491km
  • Boundary Damn Lake

    at 496km
  • Entering Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Estevan

    at 509km
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