“Pie Run from Eureka Springs to Oark, Arkansas” is a scenic, twisty, easy motorcycle ride in Arkansas, United States.
V Strom Charlie
V Strom Charlie
November 17, 2008
ride visits Eureka Springs, Huntsville, Witter, Saint Paul, Brashears, Cass and 3 other places.
On Road
Low traffic
Poor surface
Good surface
  • Eureka Springs

  • Chanas Corner - Gas

    at 17km
  • Sleepy little farm town

    at 40km
  • You can eat here but nothing noteworthy. Also several gas stations.

  • Witter

    at 57km
  • St. Paul

    at 74km
  • No Gas or food here.

  • Brashears

    at 78km
  • Brashears

    at 80km
  • Cass

    at 92km
  • Watch this section

    at 93km
  • Twisties, watch the turn speed limits...they mean it.

  • Very scenic here!

    at 95km
  • Tight turns, sweeping turns and straightaways.

  • Peanut

    at 104km
  • Time to decide?

    at 118km
  • Adventure tourers and street legal dirt bikes can go back to Eureka Springs via the route out of Oark that I am showing. IF YOU'RE ON A CRUISER OR HAVE LITTLE EXPERIENCE ON A NEW BIKE, TURN AROUND AND GO BACK THE WAY YOU CAME. The route after Oark is gravel, and really bad road, rutted, straight up and never really gets better until you get to Highway 16. Is it worth it? Hell yeah!

  • Oark

    at 119km
  • Stop at the Oark General Store. Great home cooked food, chicken fried steak is to die for! Pies that will put your Grandma to shame, and chicken so good you will want to dig up the Colonel and slap him. Gas up here!

  • Red Star

    at 146km
  • Gas here if you need it, also a C store.

  • 5 miles North of St. Paul

    at 172km
  • Turn right on 23 and go back to Eureka Springs. Enjoy!

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