“North Shore Lake Travis back roads” is a motorcycle ride in Texas, United States.
August 14, 2011
ride visits Nameless, Point Venture, Lago Vista, Jonestown.
  • Leander

  • Left on 1431.

    at 4km
  • Right on Trails End Rd

    at 6km
  • turn around

    at 11km
  • Left on E Darleen Dr

    at 11km
  • Left on Beach Rd

    at 12km
  • Left on Hill Dr

    at 14km
  • Left on Johnson Rd

    at 15km
  • Left on Trails End Rd and back to 1431

    at 16km
  • Left on 1431

    at 19km
  • Nameless

    at 22km
  • Jonestown

    at 23km
  • Left on Pecan

  • Left on E Lakeview Dr

    at 24km
  • Right on Lakeside Dr

    at 24km
  • Left on W Reed Park Rd

    at 27km
  • Laura Reed Park

    at 30km
  • Dave Reed Park

    at 31km
  • Left on Breeze Way

    at 34km
  • Right on Adrian Way

    at 35km
  • Left on 1431

    at 37km
  • Left on Destination Way

    at 38km
  • Right on Bittersweet Tr

    at 39km
  • Stay on Bitersweet Tr

    at 40km
  • turn around

    at 43km
  • Left on Alfalfa Dr

    at 46km
  • Lago Vista

    at 47km
  • Left on Lohman Ford Rd -if you're hungry or thirsty, Bam's Roadhouse Grill is around here somewhere.

  • Point Venture

    at 56km
  • Turn into Point Venture community if the guard will let you. Venture Dr

  • Right on Whispering Hollow

    at 58km
  • Right on Deckhouse Dr

    at 60km
  • Right on Lakepoint Cir

    at 60km
  • Turns into Lakeland Dr?

    at 60km
  • Point Venture

    at 61km
  • Right on Bearden Cove

  • Right on Vengure Blvd S

    at 62km
  • Right on Venture Blvd N and Left back up Lohman Ford Rd

    at 63km
  • Right on Ivean Pearson Rd

    at 64km
  • Right on Lohman Ford Rd

    at 66km
  • Right on Boggy Ford Rd

    at 71km
  • Left Y to Highland Lake Dr

    at 72km
  • Left on Rockwood Dr

    at 81km
  • Left on National Dr

    at 82km
  • Right on Lakefront Dr

    at 83km
  • Left on Arrowhead Point

    at 83km
  • Park. Rest.

    at 84km
  • Right on Rimrock Dr

    at 84km
  • Left on Outpost Trace

    at 84km
  • Left on Green Shore Cir

    at 85km
  • Right on Canyon Oaks Dr

    at 85km
  • Lago Vista

    at 86km
  • Left on... Dawn Cir? Clubhouse Dr?

  • Left on Lohman Ford

    at 88km
  • Right on Bar K Ranch Rd

    at 91km
  • Right on Rawhide Trl

    at 93km
  • Right on Overland Trl

    at 94km
  • Right on Timber Trl

    at 94km
  • Left on Bar K Ranch and on 1431 - back home.

    at 95km
  • Jonestown

    at 103km
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