“Katy TX to Galveston and The Coast” is a scenic, easy motorcycle ride in Texas, United States.
November 3, 2008
ride visits Pearland, Four Corners, Sugar Land, Manvel, Alvin, Santa Fe and 9 other places.
On Road
  • Katy, TX

  • Head south on N Fry Rd toward Plantation Grove Trail

  • Turn left at Clay Rd

    at 3km
  • Turn right at Pine Forest Dr/Pine Forest Ln

    at 9km
  • Turn right at TX-6

    at 11km
  • Four Corners

    at 27km
  • Sugar Land

    at 34km
  • Manvel

    at 67km
  • Pearland

    at 71km
  • Alvin

    at 79km
  • Santa Fe

    at 94km
  • Hitchcock

    at 104km
  • Continue on Gulf Fwy

    at 112km
  • Turn right to stay on Gulf Fwy

    at 116km
  • Slight left at Jones Lake Rd

    at 117km
  • Continue on Causeway

    at 117km
  • Continue on Old Causeway

    at 118km
  • Turn right at Harborside Dr/Port Industrial Blvd/Water St

    at 121km
  • Turn left at Broadway St

    at 121km
  • Turn right at 61st St/Butterowe St/State Spur 342

    at 123km
  • Galveston

    at 126km
  • Head southwest on 3005/Seawall Blvd toward Central City Blvd

  • 61st St/Butterowe St/State Spur 342

    at 126km
  • Continue on San Luis Pass Rd/Vacek Bridge

    at 161km
  • Continue on Blue Water Hwy/Highway 257

    at 163km
  • Blue Water Hwy/Highway 257

    at 184km
  • Freeport

    at 184km
  • Head southwest on Blue Water Hwy/Highway 257

  • Turn right at TX-332

    at 184km
  • Turn left at 523/Baldwin Rd

    at 190km
  • Slight left at 1495

    at 192km
  • Turn right at TX-288/TX-36

    at 195km
  • Freeport

    at 197km
  • Turn left at Patton Rd

    at 218km
  • Turn right at Olson Rd

    at 219km
  • Sharp left at 521

    at 220km
  • Brazoria

    at 220km
  • Turn right at TX-60

    at 265km
  • Head north on TX-60 toward Avenue A

    at 265km
  • TX-60

    at 265km
  • Bay City

    at 281km
  • Bay City

    at 282km
  • Turn left at 7th St/TX-35

  • Turn right at 1468

    at 292km
  • Turn left at 2431

    at 292km
  • Continue on TX-111

    at 307km
  • Edna

    at 349km
  • TX-111/N Wells St

    at 350km
  • Head southeast on TX-111/N Wells St toward W Houston St

    at 350km
  • Edna

    at 352km
  • Turn left at Highway 412

    at 354km
  • Turn left at Highway 414

    at 360km
  • Turn right at US-59

    at 365km
  • Exit onto 59S

    at 397km
  • El Campo

    at 402km
  • Turn left at N Mechanic St/TX-71

  • El Campo

    at 404km
  • Turn right at US-90

    at 448km
  • Eagle Lake

    at 461km
  • Eagle Lake

    at 462km
  • E Main St/US-90

  • Head southeast on E Main St/US-90 toward Beaks Ave

    at 462km
  • Turn left at 1st St

    at 513km
  • Continue on 723/Houston St

    at 514km
  • Rosenberg

    at 516km
  • Turn right at 1093/Westpark Toll Rd

    at 529km
  • Slight right at 1093

    at 532km
  • Turn left at S Peek Rd

    at 534km
  • Turn right at S Fry Rd

    at 535km
  • Cinco Ranch

    at 539km
  • N Fry Rd

    at 554km
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