“Hamilton Kiwibiker Lines & Tips Ride (Glen Afton Route)” is an easy, safe motorcycle ride in Waikato, New Zealand.
May 24, 2007
ride visits Hamilton, Ngaruawahia.
Low traffic
Good surface
  • Huntly Shopping Center Carpark

  • Meet to discuss the ride and group off into pairs or trios for the Mentor Ride to Glen Afton

  • Rotowaro Road

    at 1km
  • Start of Mentor Ride

  • Glen Afton

    at 14km
  • End of Mentor Ride. Meet again to discuss and review the ride, and decide what to work on for the Practice Ride

  • Leaving Glen Afton

    at 15km
  • Start of Practice Run: relaxed ride to Huntly via Waingaro Road, on which to put into practice any suggestions, improvements, and insights raised during review

  • Waingaro Road

    at 19km
  • Glen Massey

    at 25km
  • Hamilton

    at 33km
  • Ngaruawahia

    at 34km
  • End of Practice Ride. Meet for final discussion before the ride home

  • Leaving Ngaruawahia

    at 34km
  • Optionally, head back to Huntly via Hakarimata Road for a second loop

  • Hakarimata Road

    at 34km
  • Ngaruawahia

    at 35km
  • Riverview Road

    at 44km
  • Tainui Bridge Road

    at 48km
  • Huntly

    at 49km
  • Back in Huntly to begin again

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