“Green Lick Run” is a motorcycle ride in Pennsylvania, United States.
James Wilson
James Wilson
April 26, 2020
ride visits Heidelberg, Upper Saint Clair, Bryn Mawr, South Park Township, Jefferson Hills, Clairton and 9 other places.
  • Grey Fox Circle

  • Heidelberg

    at 0km
  • Upper Saint Clair

    at 9km
  • Bryn Mawr

    at 12km
  • South Park Township

    at 20km
  • Jefferson Hills

    at 28km
  • Clairton

    at 32km
  • West Newton

    at 47km
  • Mount Pleasant

    at 71km
  • Green Lick Run

    at 76km
  • Mayfield

    at 87km
  • Cedar Creek Park

    at 109km
  • Gallatin Community Park

    at 127km
  • Monongahela

    at 132km
  • New Eagle

    at 134km
  • McMurray

    at 152km
  • Thompsonville

    at 155km
  • Wingfield Pines Conservation Area

    at 161km
  • Bridgeville

    at 165km
  • Rennerdale

    at 172km
  • Freedom Drive

    at 175km
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