“Estrie (Ouest)” is a safe, easy, scenic motorcycle ride through Quebec, Canada and Vermont, United States.
Michel Craig
Michel Craig
May 4, 2022
ride visits Magog, North Troy, Bedford, Dunham, Sutton, Lac-Brome.
Excellent surface
On Road
  • Magog

  • Beach, Bars, Restaurants, Main Street

  • Saint-Benoit-du-Lac

    at 20km
  • Monastère, Monastory

  • Knowlton landing

    at 29km
  • Vue sur le lac View on the lake

  • Entering Vermont, United States

  • North Troy

    at 50km
  • Monastère Russe église orthodoxe de la Sainte-Transfiguratio...

    at 52km
  • Monastère Russe église orthodoxe de la Sainte-Transfiguration
    Holy Transfiguration Monastery Russian Orthodox Church

  • Freilishburg

    at 94km
  • Moulin Freligh

  • Philispburg

    at 113km
  • Vue sur le Lac Champlain

  • Entering Quebec, Canada

  • Bedford

    at 132km
  • Dunham

    at 151km
  • Sutton

    at 171km
  • Lac-Brome

    at 187km
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