“Edmonton to Creston/Nelson/Kaslo and back” is a scenic, twisty, difficult motorcycle ride in Alberta, Canada.
June 18, 2011
On Road
Low traffic
Good visibility
Good surface
Excellent surface
  • Tim Horton's 97th

  • A&W Acheson

    at 21km
  • Amburgers & Wootbeer

  • Thsi split highway section is fun. :P

    at 133km
  • Edson

    at 200km
  • Gas

    at 201km
  • Hinton

    at 285km
  • Jasper!

    at 364km
  • Arrived in Jasper about midnight on Thursday night.

  • Jasper Pizza Place

    at 365km
  • Amazing meat lover's pizza!

  • Wapiti Campground (Closed)

    at 370km
  • They were closed, so we left... to Whistlers Campground.

  • Whistlers Campground

    at 373km
  • Night one stop, Whistlers Campground.

  • Utopia Family Restaurant

    at 379km
  • Cheap, good breakfast!

  • Gas up #2

    at 379km
  • Field, Gas up

    at 633km
  • Welcome to the surging metropolis of Field!

  • Golden!

    at 687km
  • The Village Idiot

    at 834km
  • Really good burgers at this cool looking pub.

  • Gas!

    at 837km
  • Timmies!

    at 837km
  • Upper Arrow Lake Ferry

    at 887km
  • Took the short (free) ferry ride across the lake, the road from Revelstoke to here was COMPLETELY empty in the morning, and it was a really fun (fast) ride. We saw two vehicles in over 50km of kickass road!

  • Hot Springs Road

    at 937km
  • This little stretch of road from HWY 23 to the Nakusp Hot Springs is really good. There are a few really tight corners, and it winds along the whole way!

  • Nakusp Hot Springs!

    at 949km
  • We went into the hot springs here. They are really nice, and you can see the hot water pouring out across the parking lot, into the river.

  • Camping spot

    at 949km
  • We stopped here, and camped in the campground right along the raging river for the night.

  • Nakusp

    at 963km
  • Cutrite Meats & Deli

    at 964km
  • The girl here made us a really good breakfast sandwich.

  • Gas!

    at 1013km
  • Huts

    at 1013km
  • Awesome hut shaped hotels that can be seen in the videos.

  • New Denver To Kaslo

    at 1013km
  • This is the most amazing road I have ever been down. The route from here to Kaslo twists and winds along a river that's rapids the entire way, and the surface of the road is immaculate the entire way! Add in the extremely low amount of traffic, and you have pure riding bliss!

  • Balfour

    at 1095km
  • Kootenay Lake to Creston

    at 1104km
  • They let the motorcycles off first, and so begins our second favourite road of the trip. This long twisty road goes all along the Kootenay Lake, all the way down to Creston. The surface is fantastic, and you pass through several small communities and villages along the way. The highway is marked for each curve, and if the curve is steep enough, it's also marked with a recommended speed. This acts like a difficulty rating of sorts, and allows you to soar through the bends!

  • Creston

    at 1182km
  • Fairly large town, with lots of ammenities. The "downtown" is up on a hillside, above the lower level of farmland-level businesses. Very beautiful!

  • Tim Hortons

    at 1182km
  • Timmies break! I love that Tim's is stretching out into these smaller cities/towns.. this one is so new, that the map shows it under construction as I type this!

  • Gas!

    at 1186km
  • Nice little bridge, can be seen in the videos!

    at 1193km
  • Got rained on bigtime through here, on our way to Salmo. The...

    at 1211km
  • Got rained on bigtime through here, on our way to Salmo. The altitude didn't help either, making it a very cold ride! It was raining so hard, we couldn't see jack squat, and followed a car's tail lights from the summit all the way into Salmo.

  • Salmo

    at 1269km
  • Subway

    at 1269km
  • A Subway never looked so good! We stopped here to put on some more clothes, warm up/have coffee, and get the fog off our helmets.

  • This section of highway coming into Castlegar has some of th...

    at 1296km
  • This section of highway coming into Castlegar has some of the best scenery of the entire trip. You come around the edge of the mountain on a big double lane highway, and you're looking off a mountain over Castlegar, and the river. Absolutely amazing!

  • Castlegar

    at 1308km
  • Incredible Dam here, huge amounts of water flowing through w...

    at 1310km
  • Incredible Dam here, huge amounts of water flowing through when we went past, most of the rivers were very high in the area.

  • Two more dams can be seen here.

    at 1327km
  • A fourth dam

    at 1329km
  • 5th dam. It's tough to see in the google maps photo, but the...

    at 1331km
  • 5th dam. It's tough to see in the google maps photo, but there is a huge old english style hotel on the other side of the river here (blue roof), that is literally IN the water part way, and the waves are crashing up into it.. it was a real treat to see, and I couldn't stop looking back at it over and over!

  • 6th and 7th dams

    at 1332km
  • Nelson

    at 1348km
  • Vernon street here is AWESOME! It's like a bigger, better Banff. The main street is really busy with shops, restaurants, and pubs.. and it looks amazing. There are REALLY steep streets heading down towards the river.

  • Jackson's Hole, fantastic burgers!!

    at 1348km
  • Gas!

    at 1350km
  • Toad Rock Campground

    at 1389km
  • This campground ROCKS! Mary is the owner, and she runs a Motorcycle campground here. She will do everything she can to make your stay the best it can be. She provided us with our own little cabin, clean beds, bedding, sleeping bags, showers, towels, laundry facilities, a fire, a clothes line to hang our wet clothes, and coffee in the morning for $25 each!!!!! Not only that, I forgot my really nice Buck knife there, and she is shipping it back to me for only the cost of shipping! All I can say is "holy shit!". If you're in the area on your motorcycle, you *have* to stay here!

  • Ainsworth Hot Springs

    at 1396km
  • VERY COOL hot springs! They have a huge pool at 35 degrees, a little cave system with stalagtites all over inside and natural water flowing in at 42 degrees, and a colg plunge pool at 12 degress. We went into the plunge for a minute, and when you get back into the 42 degree water, your whole body tingles.. it's really cool!

  • Cabin #6, The Hilton

    at 1404km
  • Slept good in warm beds for once. :P

  • Fruit Of The Moon

    at 1415km
  • Great breakfast spot! The guy works out of a little place right underneath an old mine right on the Kootenay Lake, on the outskirts of Ainsworth. Fresh fruit, home made ice cream, and great food!

  • Osprey 2000 #2

    at 1434km
  • 2nd trip across the lake! Scheduling isn't our finest attribute, so we ended up waiting about an hour and a quarter for the ferry to arrive. :(

  • Trip #2 down to Creston!

    at 1444km
  • I love this road!

  • Tim Hortons again.

    at 1522km
  • Timmies here again?! Fuck yes.

  • Gas!

    at 1525km
  • Cranbrook

    at 1629km
  • Pulling into Taco Time

    at 1631km
  • I almost ran into the back of Trav here.. he braked to turn into Taco Time, and I was too close.. I locked up my front tire for the first time! The front of the bike slid sideways, but I didn't lay it down.

  • Taco Time!

    at 1631km
  • Yummy Burrito.

  • Fairmont Hot Springs

    at 1737km
  • VERY Beautiful view coming into Radium!

    at 1775km
  • Radium Hot Springs

    at 1777km
  • Gas!

    at 1781km
  • INCREDIBLE VIEW!! You are literally riding along a road widt...

    at 1783km
  • INCREDIBLE VIEW!! You are literally riding along a road width blast through a mountain. Unbelievable!

  • We saw a grizzly bear here.. right out on the rest area alon...

    at 1785km
  • We saw a grizzly bear here.. right out on the rest area along the road. There were lots of people stopped to look.

  • We must have seen at least 7 billion or more deer along this...

    at 1838km
  • We must have seen at least 7 billion or more deer along this stretch.. at LEAST!

  • Gas!

    at 1916km
  • Camp site

    at 1921km
  • Made camp, and dropped off all our stuff, and went back into Banff for some supper.

  • Camping in Banff!

    at 1932km
  • Melissa's Restaurant & Bar

    at 1937km
  • Best omelette ever!

  • Cochrane

    at 2035km
  • Sundre

    at 2113km
  • Gas!

    at 2194km
  • Timmies!!

    at 2195km
  • Leduc

    at 2382km
  • Edmonton

    at 2405km
  • Home!

    at 2425km
  • What a trip!

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