“Devils highway and Mule Creek Rd. Loop” is a motorcycle ride through Arizona and New Mexico, United States.
June 12, 2009
ride visits Mountain View, Pimaco Two, Whetstone, Benson, Willcox, Swift Trail Junction and 9 other places.
  • Rita Ranch/Vail

    at 0km
  • Mountain View

    at 19km
  • Pimaco Two

    at 43km
  • Whetstone

    at 54km
  • Benson

    at 60km
  • Willcox

    at 117km
  • Take 191 North

    at 133km
  • Swift Trail Junction

    at 176km
  • Cactus Flat

    at 179km
  • Safford

    at 188km
  • Solomon

    at 196km
  • San Jose

    at 200km
  • Take 191 East

    at 245km
  • Clifton

    at 261km
  • Get ready for Devils highway!

    at 267km
  • Morenci

    at 274km
  • Alpine

    at 413km
  • Entering New Mexico

  • Luna

    at 437km
  • Pleasanton

    at 510km
  • Take Mule Creek Rd. West back to AZ

    at 531km
  • Go back to Tucson once in Guthrie

    at 586km
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