“Charlottetown/ Malpeque route 2” is a motorcycle ride in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
November 21, 2010
ride visits Charlottetown, Stratford, Kensington, Cornwall.
  • Tim Horton's by the bidge

  • Have a tim smoke if ugotthem

  • Stratford

  • Airport

    at 6km
  • lets fly lets fly away

  • Malpeque Rd

    at 7km
  • on the way we are

  • Toy Master

    at 10km
  • Lant chance for bolts and nuts and another Tims anyone?

  • Warren Grove

    at 14km
  • If you have a HD turn right for nuts and bolts

  • Hunter River

    at 26km
  • Irvings sells gas

  • Pleasnt Valley

    at 35km
  • Very aromatic

  • Kensington

    at 50km
  • More Tim's more gas for the HD

  • Kensington

    at 54km
  • Indian River

    at 55km
  • See any indians?

  • Malpeque

    at 61km
  • Get your oysters now

  • Wooden Bridge

    at 63km
  • Watch your tires could be sleppery

  • Park Corner

    at 72km
  • View? as good as it gets

  • French River

    at 76km
  • One of the best views in the island

  • New London

    at 83km
  • No Big Ben

  • Stanley Bridge

    at 87km
  • A bridge too far

  • Saint Ann

    at 92km
  • Only god knows

  • Rennis Road

    at 101km
  • Rennis isn't there

  • Hunter River again?

    at 103km
  • Hartsville

    at 109km
  • No shit, the road is sideways

  • Brookvale

    at 115km
  • Sky is not my thing

  • Kelly's Cross

    at 118km
  • here is the cross? I see a crosssection

  • Crapaud

    at 125km
  • that is very crappy

  • De Sable

    at 134km
  • desable what?

  • Argile Shore

    at 140km
  • I should see rocks but rocks I don't see

  • Canoe Cove

    at 145km
  • Canoe what? I am on the bike.

  • Rice Point

    at 149km
  • No lice fol me please

  • Nine Mile Creek

    at 153km
  • who has the measuring tape?

  • New Dominion

    at 156km
  • I once meet a dominix

  • Meadowbank

    at 159km
  • did you survive the wing on the bridge?

  • Ferry Road

    at 163km
  • too much iron here

  • Cornwall

    at 166km
  • wher si the corn

  • N River Rd

    at 169km
  • I see the river I see Tim's too

  • Water Street

    at 173km
  • armories anybody?

  • Back to Tims by the Bridge

    at 175km
  • F***K I am tired

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