“Central High Valley ride” is a motorcycle ride in Colorado, United States.
Brian Burrell
Brian Burrell
May 14, 2020
ride visits Colorado Springs, Glen Eyrie, Manitou Springs, Cascade-Chipita Park, Green Mountain Falls, Woodland Park and 8 other places.
  • Colorado Springs

    at 4km
  • Glen Eyrie

    at 15km
  • Manitou Springs

    at 21km
  • Cascade-Chipita Park

    at 34km
  • Green Mountain Falls

    at 34km
  • Woodland Park

    at 41km
  • Divide

    at 53km
  • Florissant

    at 67km
  • Wilkerson Pass

    at 84km
  • Picture stop

  • Johnson Village

    at 160km
  • Poncha Springs

    at 192km
  • Salida

    at 199km
  • Howard

    at 219km
  • Coaldale

    at 230km
  • Cotopaxi

    at 238km
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