“COS - Ojinaga” is a motorcycle ride through Colorado, New Mexico, United States and Chihuahua, Mexico.
Paco Romero
Paco Romero
September 15, 2023

US Route to the Mexico boarder

ride visits Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Pueblo West, Rouse, Valdez, Puerto De Luna and 2 other places.
  • Departure point

  • Colorado Springs

    at 17km
  • Pueblo West

    at 72km
  • Pueblo

    at 83km
  • Rouse

    at 167km
  • Valdez

    at 208km
  • Entering New Mexico

  • Puerto De Luna

    at 463km
  • Entering Chihuahua, Mexico

  • Manuel Ojinaga

    at 1049km
  • Estación Ojinaga

    at 1051km
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