“Bucovina - monasteries tour (Iasi app. only bec. it's a major city nearby)” is an offroad, scenic, twisty motorcycle ride through Suceava and Neamt, Romania.
June 27, 2010
ride visits Rădăuți, Horodnic de Sus, Marginea, Vatra Dornei, Broşteni, Borca and 9 other places.
Low traffic
Good visibility
Good surface
  • Radauti

  • www.bukowinamc.ro
    Bogdana Monastery ~yr.1360
    hotels, restaurants

  • Horodnic de Sus

    at 8km
  • Marginea

    at 9km
  • Sucevita

    at 13km
  • Sucevita monastery, hotels, bed&breakfast, offroad trails

  • Palma

    at 32km
  • scenic drive, belleview point

  • Moldovita

    at 49km
  • Moldovita monastery

  • Vatra Dornei

    at 115km
  • mountain resort, hotels, restaurants, B&B

  • Broşteni

    at 166km
  • Entering Neamt

  • Borca

    at 178km
  • Durau

    at 215km
  • montain resort, scenic drive, hotels, restaurants, belleview point

  • Izvorul Muntelui (Bicaz) lake

    at 281km
  • scenic drive

  • Poiana Teiului

    at 282km
  • Vânători-Neamţ

    at 324km
  • Agapia Monastery

    at 336km
  • yr.1643

  • Varatec Monastery

    at 345km
  • yr.1785

  • Târgu Neamţ

    at 360km
  • Brusturi

    at 368km
  • Entering Suceava

  • Fălticeni

    at 386km
  • Cornu Luncii

    at 399km
  • Gura Humorului

    at 423km
  • Humor Monastery

    at 428km
  • yr.1415, hotels, B&B, restaurants

  • Păltinoasa

    at 440km
  • Cacica

    at 451km
  • Catholic Church http://www.sanctuarcacica.ro/
    Underground lake and Orthodox Chapel in the salt mine.

  • Solca

    at 464km
  • Dealu Ederii

    at 472km
  • Radauti

    at 486km
  • www.bukowinamc.ro
    Bogdana Monastery ~yr.1360
    hotels, restaurants

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