“Albert County Adventure Route” is an offroad, scenic, twisty motorcycle ride in New Brunswick, Canada.

ride visits Dieppe, Riverview, Moncton.
  • Riverview

  • Petro Canada. Free Air Compressor. Snacks. Large Meeting Parking Lot.

  • Now leaving Riverview

    at 1km
  • Dieppe

    at 4km
  • Stoney Creek

    at 10km
  • Great Road

  • Hopewell Hill

    at 44km
  • Leaving Asphalt Here

  • Harvey Bank

    at 50km
  • Scenic.

  • Riverside Albert

    at 60km
  • Corner Store.

  • More Gravel

    at 61km
  • Albert County

    at 75km
  • Can be difficult after rain. Maintained Gravel.

  • Fundy Park

    at 81km
  • The is the Northern tip of the Park.

  • Funday Park

    at 96km
  • Leaving the Park

  • Albert County

    at 98km
  • More Gravel. Gravel can be tricky here. Large stones. Does improve.

  • Gravel is smoother here. Watch for forestry trucks.

    at 108km
  • Optional Road to Martinhead Beach. Hardest part of the ride.

    at 109km
  • Road becomes steep as you approach Bay of Fundy.

    at 121km
  • You made it up the hill!

    at 123km
  • Martinhead Beach

    at 125km
  • Perfect rest point. Great walk our on the island at low tide.

  • Albert County

    at 131km
  • Same way you came in.

  • Back on Shepody Road.

    at 141km
  • Passing the Wilderness Lodge

    at 149km
  • Waterford

    at 158km
  • Great road. Asphalt. Good shape.

  • Passing Poley Mountain on your left.

    at 161km
  • This is as far west as we go. We are back on gravel here. Sm...

    at 163km
  • This is as far west as we go. We are back on gravel here. Smooth. Can be tricky after rain.

  • Urney

    at 167km
  • Back to gravel.

  • Picadilly

    at 173km
  • This is where you pass under the highway.

  • Penobsquis

    at 175km
  • On hwy114 for a bit.

  • Crockets Corner

    at 181km
  • If your tired, head home on the hwy. If not, we pass over the hwy.

  • Albert County

    at 187km
  • We are about to head right on the more gravel. Road is often tricky in the spring.

  • Almost there.

    at 197km
  • Goshen

    at 199km
  • You reached the main road. There is only one more gravel section to go.

  • Albert County

    at 216km
  • Fantastic Roads

  • Colpitts Settlement

    at 233km
  • We are hanging a right here on Nixon Rd.

  • Turtle Creek

    at 240km
  • Crossing the 910 onto the new dam. Gravel starts after the dam.

  • Albert County

    at 249km
  • Gravel is done. We are heading home. Going left on Pine Glen Rd.

  • Riverview

    at 264km
  • Home.

  • Moncton

    at 268km
  • Good ride folks!

    at 269km
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