“River Valley + Ada Blvd + Capilano Slow Ride” is a scenic motorcycle ride in Alberta, Canada.
May 17, 2019

slow park/river valley-ish ride

ride visits Edmonton.
  • Petro Canada - Bonnie Doon Mall - head North

  • Left (west) onto Rowland Road

    at 4km
  • Right (north) at 95 Street, Right onto Jasper Ave

    at 5km
  • Jasper Ave until you can't go any more - U turns into 111 Avenue

    at 8km
  • Right (north) on 82 street, Right (east) on 112 Ave

    at 8km
  • Right (south) on 75 Street

    at 9km
  • Right (south) on 75 Street, turn into Ada Blvd

    at 10km
  • Ada Blvd for as long as possible (east)

    at 10km
  • Still Ada Blvd

    at 11km
  • 2 quick Rights to stay on Ada Blvd

    at 12km
  • Ada Blvd turns into 111 Ave - go around the park

    at 13km
  • Right onto 40 St. to go around the park

    at 13km
  • Right onto 109 Ave to cont. Ada Blvd

    at 13km
  • Curve left onto 104 Avenue, into 30St

    at 14km
  • after houses, keep green space on right

    at 15km
  • Left on 113 Ave , Right on 34 St.

    at 16km
  • Left (west) at 118 Avenue, Left (south) on 50 st

    at 17km
  • left at 50 St, Right on 112, south 75 Street

    at 19km
  • Exit 106 Ave EAst to 50St.

    at 24km
  • Left 109 Ave, First Right on 56 St.

    at 26km
  • keep green on right: little U turn from capilano crescent to Hardisty Dr.

    at 26km
  • EAst on 106 Ave, South on 50 St.

    at 28km
  • Right on 101, head south on 75th

    at 29km
  • Right on Argyll, Right on Gateway to Timms

    at 39km
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