“wildhamsters scotland tour - day 4” is an easy, safe motorcycle ride through Scotland and England, United Kingdom.
March 15, 2008
ride visits Doncaster, Jedburgh, Corbridge, Castleside, Tow Law, High Etherley and 9 other places.
On Road
Good surface
  • Jedburgh

  • Time to set off from the B+B for the final blast home

  • heading into Northumberland national park, should be some go...

    at 17km
  • heading into Northumberland national park, should be some good views - bid farewell to bonny scotland!

  • Entering England

  • Corbridge

    at 75km
  • Castleside

    at 99km
  • Tow Law

    at 110km
  • High Etherley

    at 123km
  • Low Etherley

    at 123km
  • heading back down the trusty A1 - homeward bound

    at 136km
  • Catterick

    at 160km
  • Boroughbridge

    at 194km
  • Wetherby

    at 210km
  • Bramham

    at 215km
  • Aberford

    at 220km
  • time to fill 'er up at Skellow services

    at 255km
  • Doncaster

    at 260km
  • Tickhill

    at 267km
  • Tuxford

    at 296km
  • Walcott

    at 361km
  • home agian - time to start planning the next trip!

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