“short ride” is a motorcycle ride in Queensland, Australia.
Corey Dern
Corey Dern
July 18, 2022
ride visits Rockhampton, The Caves.
  • Start

  • Turn onto McMillan Ave

    at 0km
  • Turn onto Norman Rd

    at 2km
  • Turning onto Boundary Rd

    at 2km
  • Turn left onto Highway

    at 3km
  • Turn onto Yeppoon Rd

    at 3km
  • Rockhampton

    at 3km
  • Turn onto Artiller Rd

    at 16km
  • follow onto Greenlake Rd

    at 24km
  • The Caves

    at 30km
  • turn left onto highway

    at 31km
  • turn onto Angela Rd

    at 35km
  • turn onto Sterling Drive

    at 36km
  • turn onto highway

    at 37km
  • turn left at olive street

    at 38km
  • End

    at 39km
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