“old school ride has evrything” is an offroad, scenic, twisty motorcycle ride in New York, United States.

ride visits The Bronx, Yonkers, Washington Heights, Douglaston, Throgs Neck, Parkchester and 9 other places.
Good visibility
Poor surface
Good surface
  • cross island pkwy marina northbound

  • good meet up spot

  • Douglaston

  • queens

    at 3km
  • go over Throggs neck

  • bronx

    at 7km
  • bear left to Cross bronx Expwy

  • Throgs Neck

    at 9km
  • stay on Cross bronx west bound

  • bear right to Bronx river Pkwy north

    at 13km
  • you can pee in this park

    at 14km
  • Parkchester

    at 14km
  • The Bronx

    at 16km
  • good meetup for the bronx boys

  • Wakefield

    at 22km
  • Mount Vernon

    at 24km
  • westchester

    at 40km
  • stay on Bronx River Pkwy...which has become Sprain Brook Pkwy.

  • Am Vets bridge approach

    at 60km
  • as you sweep downhill left, traffic permitting...let 'er out...straight, flat, 3 digit bridge ends in uphill run

  • peekskill hollow road approach

    at 82km
  • narrow scary fast downhill approach...enjoy

  • peekskill hollow road exit

    at 82km
  • peekskill hollow intersection

    at 83km
  • pass intersection...a bit bumpy...and open 'er up for a long step perfect double sweeper

  • the top of the mountain

    at 86km
  • if you didn't just scare yourself...go back and do it again till you get it right

  • pudding street exit

    at 87km
  • this is a difficult exit at the center of a high speed straight...careful, careful,careful !
    Either you can u-turn and go back and run the sweepers (yeah, you'll want to) of you can turn left (west) onto the rest of the ride

  • wiccopee intersection

    at 87km
  • pee spot

    at 87km
  • if you rAN THE SWEEPERS RIGHT,you may need to relieve yourself here

  • wiccopee intersect

    at 87km
  • or keep going on Pudding St, which becomes Wiccopee Rd

  • oscawanna hts interesct

    at 89km
  • turn right, west

  • north shore rd intersect

    at 92km
  • sharp right

  • sunken mine road intersect

    at 94km
  • turn right...north

  • sunken mine rioad

    at 94km
  • bear left onto "seasonal Road". It looks pough but it's state maintained hard packed dirt and crosses Fahenstock State Park

  • Derrytown road intersect

    at 98km
  • derrytown road

    at 98km
  • turn right north

  • indian brook road

    at 99km
  • turn left..west

  • on indian brook road

    at 102km
  • bear left

  • old albany post rd intersect

    at 103km
  • turn left

  • old albany post/ indian brook fork

    at 103km
  • bear right

  • route 9 intersect

    at 103km
  • turn left on route 9 south

  • rt 9/indian brook continuation

    at 103km
  • bear right onto indian brook

  • going under bridge

    at 106km
  • nice abandoned water pump station in ravine

  • india brook ending

    at 106km
  • sharp right, uphill back to Bear Mountain Rd...9D south

  • Beverly Warren intersect

    at 106km
  • sharp right...cant remember seeing sign but it's the first right

  • 9d intersection

    at 106km
  • turn right...south...and gio to bear Mtn bridge

  • south mountain pass interesct

    at 115km
  • south mountain pass, east...ends at Rt 9.It's a hard packed dirt road,,,fun, a little slippery and a nice side ride

  • bear mtn bridge

    at 118km
  • go across and play in bear Mtn park or continus on the ride

  • Bear Mtn Circle

    at 123km
  • gas, pee, soda...hang out a bit and you'll prob get to watch knee draggerz doing their stuff...VERY COOL

  • little bridge crossing

    at 123km
  • go over bridge

  • Bear Mtnn Pkwy

    at 124km
  • turn left

  • Peekskill

    at 124km
  • 202 /crompound rd interests

    at 130km
  • taconic approach

    at 134km
  • places to eat, drink, pee...Very fun approach ramp, begins with tight turn...very fact uphill and then blast the Volvos as you get on Pkwy.

  • AmVet approach

    at 140km
  • open
    er up

  • Briarcliff Manor

    at 152km
  • bear left on Taconic

    at 153km
  • easy to majke a mistake here...bear left on taconic...dio not go to saw Mill

  • westchester

    at 156km
  • Taconic becomes Sprain brook...bear left

  • continue south on Sprain Brook

    at 157km
  • approaching reservoir on left

    at 170km
  • everybody goes fast here...look out

  • bronx river pwky begins

    at 178km
  • Yonkers

    at 181km
  • Woodlawn

    at 181km
  • East Tremont

    at 187km
  • Washington Heights

    at 188km
  • bronx, back to Cross bronx east

    at 189km
  • Kind of dangerous approach

  • Unionport

    at 191km
  • throggs left turn off

    at 193km
  • last fast sweeper of the day

  • CIPturn off...bear right

    at 199km
  • beautiful sweeper if no traffic coming

  • Bayside

    at 202km
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