“mt. hamilton and mines road” is a scenic, twisty, difficult motorcycle ride in California, United States.
December 13, 2006
ride visits Santa Clara, San Jose, Alum Rock, East Foothills, Livermore.
On Road
Low traffic
Good visibility
Good surface
  • alum road

  • start by getting off at the Alum Road exit. there's gas here as well as a decent coffee shop.

  • San Jose

  • Santa Clara

  • Alum Rock

    at 1km
  • gas

    at 3km
  • last chance to get gas

  • residential

    at 3km
  • start climbing the mountains here but be aware this is a residential area, lots of driveways around blind corners so keep it slow.

  • snakes

    at 8km
  • here there be snake... tar snakes, that is. lots of shady corners where there can be patches of wet surface or gravel so keep eyes open and don't overdo the corner entries. enjoy the amazing scenery as you climb out over the valley to the south

  • insanity

    at 23km
  • the twisties really get crazy here. remember this road does get travelled by visitors to the lick observatory so be vigilant about cages around each corner. i once got a lecture from a state trooper when i got to the observatory. he could see me going up and knew that i was going way faster than the 25mph posted/recommended. nowadays i tend to keep it under 40.

  • lick observatory

    at 29km
  • definitely worth stopping here. you'll probably meet other bikers who can tell you about conditions on the other side of the mountain. also the observatory has bathrooms, snacks, and some cool telescopes (the old refractor is amazing)

  • open it up

    at 31km
  • here begins one of the best roads in the area. the surface is really good, you'll probably never see any cars, and virtually no cops (i've yet to see a smokey between here and livermore!)

  • cows

    at 32km
  • do beware of the cow grates. also, while the road is fantastic do note that the runoff ends abruptly in.. umm... barbed wire...

  • speed record...

    at 44km
  • you can totally open it up on some of the straights here. just keep in mind the runoff is limited and there can be horses and cows around. i've hit an indicated 169mph here (155mph actual?) and had room to go faster if i had more balls...

  • canyon road option

    at 56km
  • the road east of here is a fantastic option, however you'll end up at I-5 and either have to double back or end the ride and go into highway mode.

  • cops?

    at 69km
  • have you seen a cop yet? i thought not. enjoy! :)

  • trucks and gravel

    at 81km
  • from around this point on the road surface can start to suffer here. this section is primarily used by big trucks carrying rocks from the quarries to livermore. so be aware of some gravel and big vehicles. traffic still very low tho

  • eat

    at 102km
  • time to eat, rehydrate, and talk about the ride.

  • the end

    at 103km
  • head home and take a bath

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