“lucas valley and route 1” is a scenic, twisty, easy motorcycle ride in California, United States.
December 13, 2006
ride visits Gallinas, Sleepy Hollow, Lucas Valley-Marinwood, Nicasio, Olema, Bolinas and 8 other places.
On Road
Good surface
  • Start

  • Gallinas

  • Sleepy Hollow

    at 4km
  • Lucas Valley-Marinwood

    at 4km
  • twisties begin

    at 6km
  • some nice sweepers... beware the llamas :)

  • Nicasio

    at 17km
  • pick it up

    at 21km
  • the next section can be ridden super fast... very nice long sweepers with excellent visibility. don't see cops here very often either.

  • drake option

    at 29km
  • i usually take route 1 back but an option is to take sir francis drake which continues in the twisties to fairfax

  • Olema

    at 33km
  • sea level

    at 47km
  • be careful as there's little runoff on the right. i once got a little hot into a left hander and almost went swimming

  • Bolinas

    at 49km
  • enjoy the view

    at 53km
  • south of here route 1 gets insanely amazing. it's not really a sport ride at this point and you'll probably have traffic, but the geography is outstanding. to avoid traffic take a left on Panoramic Highway to Mill Valley

  • Muir Beach

    at 62km
  • Mill Valley

    at 67km
  • top off

    at 69km
  • get gas

  • Almonte

    at 70km
  • the end

    at 71km
  • go home

  • Marin City

    at 71km
  • Strawberry

    at 71km
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