“Zanesville 555/60 loop” is a twisty, scenic motorcycle ride through Ohio and West Virginia, United States.

ride visits Putnam, South Zanesville, Blennerhassett, Belpre, Parkersburg, Vienna and 9 other places.
Low traffic
  • Zanesville

  • Start of the triple nickle.

  • Putnam

  • South Zanesville

    at 1km
  • riding by fairview park

    at 60km
  • Had to set a way point

  • Convience store

    at 63km
  • A place to stop if you need to stretch

  • Mobile

    at 75km
  • Fuel, snacks, stretching the legs

  • Adding way point

    at 100km
  • Had to add a way point

  • route 7 East

    at 101km
  • head along the Ohio River Scenic Byway

  • Entering West Virginia

  • Blennerhassett

    at 107km
  • Entering Ohio

  • Belpre

    at 112km
  • Entering West Virginia

  • Parkersburg

    at 112km
  • Vienna

    at 117km
  • Boaz

    at 124km
  • Williamstown

    at 130km
  • Entering Ohio

  • Route 60 North

    at 131km
  • Time to head back to Zanesvile along the Muskingum River

  • Devola

    at 137km
  • Beverly

    at 162km
  • McConnelsville

    at 189km
  • Sunuco

    at 189km
  • Fuel, snack, stretching the legs

  • Philo

    at 215km
  • Duncan Falls

    at 217km
  • Frazier

    at 224km
  • Marathon

    at 227km
  • End of the ride

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