“Yellowstone 20-Zen pt.2” is a motorcycle ride through Montana and Wyoming, United States.
March 30, 2010
ride visits Helena, Cascade, Craig, Silver City, Helena Valley Northeast, Townsend and 9 other places.
  • Cascade

    at 0km
  • This portion of the map has at least thirty miles of interstate, because the only way to see the Gates of the Mountains is to travel by I - 15. It also doubles back from Cascade along the recreation road.

  • Craig

    at 39km
  • Silver City

    at 125km
  • Helena

    at 139km
  • Helena Valley Northeast

    at 147km
  • Townsend

    at 233km
  • Wilsall

    at 344km
  • Clyde Park

    at 355km
  • Livingston, Montana

    at 386km
  • Pray

    at 419km
  • Emigrant

    at 425km
  • South Glastonbury

    at 433km
  • Corwin Springs

    at 466km
  • Gardiner, Montana

    at 478km
  • Entering Wyoming

  • Mammoth

    at 485km
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