“Wollombi Run via Putty Rd” is a scenic, twisty, safe motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
March 27, 2011
ride visits Colo, Putty, Bulga, Broke, Sackville Reach, Richmond.
On Road
Low traffic
Good surface
  • Wilberforce

  • Colo Heights

    at 17km
  • Premium fuel available

  • Putty

    at 85km
  • Bulga

    at 140km
  • Milbrodale

    at 140km
  • Just after turn off is a good spot for a stretch. Premium fuel available at Bulga, tem mins further along the Putty

  • Broke

    at 154km
  • Fuel and coffee available

  • Wollombi

    at 183km
  • Good food at the pub, but can take a while for service. Worth stopping just to see all the bikes

  • Bucketty

    at 207km
  • Kulnura

    at 226km
  • Mangrove Mountain

    at 236km
  • Spencer

    at 259km
  • Nice place for a stretch

  • Wisemans Ferry

    at 285km
  • Nice place for a stretch, food is good but pup is expensive. Bowling club is good food at reasonable price

  • Maroota

    at 296km
  • Sackville Reach

    at 302km
  • Pitt Town

    at 320km
  • Richmond

    at 327km
  • Windsor

    at 327km
  • End of run

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