“West Lake Roesiger/Meadow Lake Loop” is a scenic, twisty motorcycle ride in Washington, United States.
July 7, 2008
ride visits Everett, Machias, Lake Roesiger, Three Lakes, Bunk Foss, Fobes Hill.
Poor visibility
  • Lake Stevens, WA

  • Intersection of Highways 2 and 9. Take the New Bunk Foss road located just to the North of the intersection.

  • Machias Road

    at 2km
  • Turn left at the stop sign

  • South Machias Road

    at 3km
  • Turn left onto a long straightway. This road is ver fast buit heavily traveled. There is also at the end of the straightaway, so mind your speed during school hours.

  • Machias

    at 7km
  • Turn right at the stop and cross Centential Trail.

  • Machias Store

    at 8km
  • Turn right at the store and cross the bridge. This is the last gas for a while, so take a break or fill up if you need it.

  • Newberg Road

    at 10km
  • Stay to the right at the Y. From here the road gets increasingly rural and conditions may vary. Twisties are a few miles ahead so pay attention, they come up quickly.

  • Cresswell Road

    at 14km
  • The real twisties are coming up. The road is fast and smooth but offers little run-off if you get into trouble.

  • Robe Menzel Road

    at 20km
  • Right at the stop.

  • North Lake Roseiger Road

    at 21km
  • Right at the stop. Watch for the turn onto West Lake Roesiger Road, it comes up suddenly.

  • West Lake Roesiger Road

    at 23km
  • This is a great road but watch out for hidden driveways etc. Watche that first turn too, its a doozy!

  • Lake Roesiger

    at 25km
  • Turn right to continue the route. Need a break? Turn left and you'll find a lakefront park and small store after a mile or so after that.

  • Right on Dubuque

    at 28km
  • This road is mostly fast and straight.

  • Storm Lake Road

    at 32km
  • Left on Storm Lake Road about 3/4 of the way up the long hill.

  • Storm lake Grocery

    at 34km
  • Can get gas here if you need it.

  • Left on to Mero Road

    at 35km
  • This road is mostly straight but has a wicked decreasing radius turn at the far end - watch out for it.

  • Decreasing radius Turn

    at 40km
  • The turn I was telling you about

  • Meadow Lake Road

    at 40km
  • Turn right here. This is a very technical road, watch out.

  • Trombley Road

    at 44km
  • Turn Right

  • Spada Road

    at 45km
  • Storm Lake Road

    at 47km
  • 90 Degree Left

    at 47km
  • Look out

  • Devil's Elbow

    at 48km
  • They've made this a little nicer recently, but lots of crashes happen here.

  • Dubuque Road

    at 52km
  • Long straight and Fast. This road takes you home.

  • Three Lakes

    at 54km
  • South Machias Road

    at 59km
  • Left to go home

  • Right for the Old Machias Road

    at 61km
  • Straight on if you want to go to Snohomish

  • Bunk Foss

    at 63km
  • Intersection of Highway 9 and 2

    at 64km
  • Back home!

  • Everett

    at 64km
  • Fobes Hill

    at 64km
  • Northwest Snohomish

    at 64km
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