“Vroom With a View, Pt.7 - Livorno-Pontedera” is a motorcycle ride in Tuscany, Italy.
September 4, 2010
ride visits Livorno, Arnaccio, Latignano, Calcinaia, Pontedera, Via del Pino and 7 other places.
  • Livorno

    at 1km
  • Arnaccio

    at 16km
  • Latignano

    at 26km
  • Calcinaia

    at 31km
  • Pontedora

    at 32km
  • Home of Vespa and the Piaggio scooter factories.
    From here Peter went to a festival that evening at San Piero a Grado, near Pisa, and then, late that night, back to the youth hostel at Lucca.

  • Via del Pino

    at 33km
  • Chiesino-Collodi

    at 34km
  • Fornacette

    at 36km
  • Case Bianche

    at 37km
  • Vicopisano

    at 37km
  • Cascina

    at 40km
  • San Casciano

    at 43km
  • L'Argine

    at 68km
  • San Pero a Grado

    at 68km
  • A pine-nut festival was held that night, after which Peter rode Sophia back to Lucca, somewhat the worse for wear!

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