“VStrom Rampage day 3” is a motorcycle ride in Queensland, Australia.

ride visits Tin Can Bay, Maryborough, Mungar, Drummers Creek, Wonbah, Kapaloo and 3 other places.
  • Tin Can Bay

  • Wallu

    at 12km
  • Maryborough

    at 70km
  • Mungar

    at 90km
  • Brooweena

    at 122km
  • Mt Steadman Rd

    at 188km
  • Drummers Creek

    at 235km
  • Tunnel Rd

    at 251km
  • Boolboonda Tunnel

    at 253km
  • Wonbah

    at 257km
  • Gin Gin Mt Perry Rd

    at 257km
  • Mt Perry Caravan park

    at 269km
  • Burnett Hwy

    at 328km
  • Kapaloo

    at 350km
  • Mulgildie

    at 352km
  • Three Moon

    at 358km
  • Monto

    at 364km
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