“TwinFalls ID - Evanston WY” is a motorcycle ride through Idaho, Utah and Wyoming, United States.
mark weisenfeld
mark weisenfeld
May 21, 2019
ride visits Wendell, Heyburn, Pleasantview, Malad City, Riverside, Peter and 9 other places.
  • Wendell

    at 16km
  • Heyburn

    at 107km
  • Pleasantview

    at 266km
  • Malad City

    at 274km
  • Entering Utah

  • Riverside

    at 317km
  • Peter

    at 333km
  • Logan

    at 348km
  • River Heights

    at 349km
  • Garden City

    at 410km
  • Garden

    at 415km
  • Laketown

    at 425km
  • Randolph

    at 457km
  • Woodruff

    at 471km
  • Entering Wyoming

  • Bear River

    at 490km
  • Twin Falls to Evanston (proposed)

    at 503km
  • Again, trying to stay off of I84 and into something more interesting than freeway.

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