“Tour of the Eastern Palouse Boundary” is a scenic, easy motorcycle ride in Idaho, United States.
April 28, 2008
ride visits Troy, Kendrick, Peck, Southwick, Juliaetta, Genesee.
Low traffic
  • Moscow Mountain Foothills

    at 10km
  • Mixed tar-paved & improved gravel surface; many detour opportunities into deep gravel.

  • Troy, ID

    at 25km
  • The Conoco does have regular corndogs, but they aren't on the menu. You'll have to ask for them.

  • Kendrick Highway

    at 40km
  • Good surface, low traffic, 50mph speed limit, reasonably twisting.

  • Kendrick

    at 44km
  • Country Hwy Junction

    at 47km
  • For some reason, this is not a well-marked intersection. It's located where HWY3 joins the river, and there are signs for Dworshack Resevoir. You will immediately cross a bridge, climb out of the canyon, and cross a fairly straight, well-maintained road with no shoulders.

  • Peck

    at 75km
  • Dworshack Resevoir Approach

    at 83km
  • Both of these roads will join the reservoir. The one to the left has a beach and a campground

  • Southwick

    at 113km
  • Juliaetta

    at 142km
  • Genesee

    at 169km
  • Moscow

    at 204km
  • Joel

    at 216km
  • This is the good-surface substitute for the gravel road to the north. Not as scenic & some commuter traffic (but still pretty empty).

  • Julieta

    at 328km
  • Both roads in and out Julieta are paved for the grade into town; they're gravel on top of the plateau, though.

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