“Tour de Tas - Day 02” is a motorcycle ride in Tasmania, Australia.
February 28, 2022

Devonport to Scottsdale (the long way around) 22.02.2022

ride visits Devonport, Don, Leith, Ulverstone, Penguin, Sulphur Creek and 9 other places.
  • Devonport, Spirit of Tas, Esplanade

  • Devonport

    at 4km
  • Don

    at 8km
  • Leith

    at 15km
  • Ulverstone

    at 23km
  • Penguin

    at 35km
  • Sulphur Creek

    at 41km
  • Wivenhoe

    at 49km
  • Guildford

    at 53km
  • Continues on Murchison Hwy

  • Belvoir Rd

    at 59km
  • Turnoff Murchison Hwy, Belvoir becomes Cradle Mountain Rd

  • Cradle Mountain Inn

    at 60km
  • coffee if you dare, then exit onto Cethana Rd, continues onto Claude Rd

  • Burnie

    at 61km
  • Stowport

    at 71km
  • Riana

    at 82km
  • South Riana

    at 83km
  • Preston South

    at 94km
  • Nietta

    at 99km
  • Claude Road

    at 131km
  • Sheffield

    at 138km
  • Claude Rd becomes Spring St, then right turn onto Main St

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