“Thredbo to Bright Via Tallangatta/Omeo” is a scenic, twisty, difficult motorcycle ride through New South Wales and Victoria, Australia.
June 26, 2016
ride visits Thredbo, Khancoban, Tallangatta, Bright.
On Road
  • Thredbo

    at 0km
  • Start Thredbo aligning Elevation

  • Dead Horse Gap

    at 4km
  • Dead Horse Gap Photo

  • Tom Groggin

    at 21km
  • Tom Groggin Picnic /Camping Area

  • Geehi

    at 41km
  • Geehi Camping Area

  • Khancoban

    at 74km
  • Shell Petrol Premium Fuel Available

  • Murray River Road

    at 88km
  • Right Turn onto Murray River Road

  • Tintaldra

    at 100km
  • Township

  • Upper Murray Cottages

    at 131km
  • Upper Murray C

  • Murray River Bridge

    at 181km
  • Large Bridge over Murray River

  • Murray Valley Highway

    at 208km
  • Right Turn onto Murray Valley Highway

  • East Tallangatta

    at 218km
  • Refuel East Tallangatta

  • Omeo Highway

    at 224km
  • Right Turn onto Omeo Highway

  • Entering Victoria

  • Tallangatta

    at 229km
  • Mitta Mitta Pub

    at 281km
  • Mitta Mitta Pub Stop

  • Glen Wills Township

    at 338km
  • Glen Wills Town

  • Omeo

    at 389km
  • Refuel Omeo

  • Dinner Plain

    at 431km
  • Dinner Plain Ski Lodges

  • Mt Hotham Alpine Resort

    at 447km
  • Mt Hotham Resorts

  • Harrietville Township

    at 479km
  • Harrietville No Fuel

  • Riverbank Park Motel

    at 504km
  • Riverbank Park Motel

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