“The long way around Toledo Bend from Pineville, LA - almost no Interstates” is a motorcycle ride through Louisiana and Texas, United States.
August 30, 2009
ride visits Shreveport, Tioga, Montgomery, Clarence, Campti, Coushatta and 9 other places.
  • Pineville, LA

  • Head N. on Hwy 167 to Hwy 71 N., keep left

  • Tioga

    at 4km
  • Rapides Parish

    at 9km
  • Keep left toward Colfax

  • Montgomery, LA

    at 62km
  • good place to stop if you need it

  • Clarence

    at 85km
  • Campti

    at 96km
  • Coushatta

    at 124km
  • Bossier City, LA

    at 185km
  • Make a left to the Jimmie Davis bridge over the Red River

  • Shreveport

    at 187km
  • Shreveport, LA

    at 193km
  • Make a right to Harley of S'port - they'll welcome you - very nice folks (get a T-shirt).

  • Harley of Shreveport

    at 194km
  • Shreveport, LA

    at 198km
  • Continue under I-49 - heading to helmetless country!

  • South Shreveport, LA

    at 203km
  • Make a left on Hwy 171 So. toward Mansfield - starting heading out of town

  • Stonewall

    at 216km
  • Kickapoo, LA

    at 227km
  • yep, that's the name. Turn off a very nice road onto a not-so-nice road - don't worry, it will get better

  • Keatchie, LA

    at 234km
  • At stop sign, continue on Hwy 5

  • Longstreet, LA

    at 245km
  • Not to be confused with Logansport, where we will cross over to Texas

  • Logansport, LA

    at 258km
  • Ready to cross the Sabine into Texas and the land of the optional helmet.

  • Entering Texas

  • Joaquin, TX

    at 263km
  • Make a left, the roads in Texas are so much superior, well-kept almost without exception, smooth, and 70 MPH only on two-lanes.

  • Center, TX

    at 285km
  • Make a left on Hwy 87 South and be prepared to start a south Tennessee like leg of the journey, rolling hills and sharp curves all the way to Burkeville. Nice four-lane to Shelbyville.

  • Shelbyville, TX

    at 299km
  • road goes back to two-lane, but very nice, speedy.

  • South of Shelbyville, TX

    at 303km
  • Keep left and you're about to hit the beautiful Sabine National Forest

  • Milam, TX

    at 342km
  • Wow - what a ride! You might have seen some deer, tight curves, high speeds, watch yourself - it only gets better. You could make a left back to the land of pot-heads (no, I meant helmets required - not that kind), and go across Toledo Bend on the Pendleton Bridge, but you gotta get some more of those smooth roads, rolling hills, great scenery, 70 mph limits, and tight curves. Hold onto your hat (if you're wearing one).

  • Hemphill, TX

    at 353km
  • Nice - right about here, the road get very whitish with high quality pavement/asphalt, great signage, and still tight curves and good speed.

  • Yellowpine/Fairmont, TX

    at 373km
  • Right here, get a great view as the forest opens up on to a branch of Toledo Bend - makes you want to trade in the scooter for a bass boat - nah.

  • Hwy 87, West of Toledo Bend Reservoir

    at 388km
  • Absolutely the best non-mountain road I've ever traveled. Great signage for curves, high speed, great scenery

  • Mayflower, TX

    at 394km
  • you could make a left here and go across the Toledo Bend dam, which is a sight that should be seen, but we want a few more miles of helmet-less freedom, so we stay the course

  • Burkeville, TX

    at 407km
  • Left back toward Louisiana and the Sabine River, still good roads, 70 mph speeds.

  • Burr Ferry, LA

    at 424km
  • cross the Sabine River - back in Louisiana, stop to re-can your head.

  • Entering Louisiana

  • Leesville, LA

    at 450km
  • Go left to get something eat - Wagon Master Steak, Burgers, and Ribs about two miles down on your left - definitely recommended

  • bear right on this cut-off to Hwy 28 - if you miss it, just ...

    at 455km
  • bear right on this cut-off to Hwy 28 - if you miss it, just go to the main intersection.

  • Right on a now very nice road to Alexandria, and just gettin...

    at 456km
  • Right on a now very nice road to Alexandria, and just getting nicer - will be fourlaned completely by 2011, in the meantime, just a nice ride

  • Alexandria, LA

    at 534km
  • Left on MacArthur - to I-49 So.

  • I-49 South to the Pineville, Expressway

    at 537km
  • Alexandria

    at 546km
  • Pineville, LA

    at 549km
  • back to point of beginning - about 340 miles

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