“The Gap - Mt Glorious - Somerset Dam - Kilcoy - Mt Mee - Samford Valley - The Gap” is a scenic, twisty motorcycle ride in Queensland, Australia.
July 5, 2007
ride visits Brisbane, Bootawa, Armstrong Creek, Samson Vale.
On Road
  • Cnr Settlement and Waterworks Rd, the Gap

  • Mobil Servo for filling up, prior to the ride. Start along Mt Nebo Rd, towards Mt Nebo.

  • Mt Nebo

    at 19km
  • Small township. Continue towards Mt Glorious.

  • Samford Valley Intersection

    at 26km
  • Continue straight (keeping left) on to Mt Glorious.

  • Mt Glorious

    at 28km
  • Small township. Check out the bike-friendly Maiala Cafe.

  • Esk Kilcoy Rd Intersection

    at 74km
  • Turn right to head towards Somerset Dam, and then Kilcoy. Turn left if you want to go to Esk/Ipswich/Toowoomba etc.

  • Daguilar Hwy Intersection

    at 98km
  • Turn right and head for Kilcoy. Turn left if you want to go to Kingaroy

  • Kilcoy

    at 101km
  • Maybe stop for lunch or coffee, then continue east toward Woodford.

  • Kilcoy Beerwah Rd Intersection

    at 121km
  • Continue straight ahead (to the right) for Woodford. Or turn left and head north to Beerwah/Glass House Mountains/back of the Sunshine Coast.

  • Mt Mee Rd Intersection at Daguilar

    at 128km
  • Turn right for Mt Mee and the return trip via Samford Valley. Or continue straight ahead for Caboolture/Bruce Hwy/Redcliffe/Bribie Island.

  • Robinson Rd Intersection

    at 137km
  • Go right/straight ahead for Robertson Rd and over Mt Mee. Or go left to ride around Mt Mee. Both roads join up again.

  • Bootawa

    at 143km
  • Dayboro

    at 161km
  • Continue straight (keeping right) to head for Samford Valley. Turn left to head for Petrie/Redcliffe/Bruce Hwy.

  • Armstrong Creek

    at 164km
  • Samson Vale

    at 170km
  • Samford Village

    at 184km
  • Maybe stop for coffee. Turn left to head through Ferny Grove and return to the starting point at the Gap. Turn right if you want to head back up to Mt Glorious or Mt Nebo for your run back down to the Gap.

  • Settlement Rd Intersection

    at 193km
  • Turn right to return to the starting point at the Gap. Or continue straight ahead if heading back to the city or beyond.

  • Mobil Servo, The Gap

    at 197km
  • You are back where you started !

  • Brisbane

    at 197km
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